Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Welcome to Pragma.

This blog is meant, as the name and description at the top of the page suggest, to examine politics, technology, and society from a pragmatic point of view. Whether it winds up as one man's echo chamber, a crowdsourced think-tank, or anything in between, we will always remain:

Open. Anyone so inclined is welcome to comment or contribute; if you have an essay to submit, or a conversation to start, send it to — content will be properly attributed to its authors, unless they explicitly wish to remain anonymous.

Humble. No person contributing to this blog should be considered an expert, and all postings (regardless of tone) constitute opinion, not fact. Opinion is subject to change, and we expect to be called to account if we are wrong.

Curious. By nature, sites like this one tend to identify patterns by binary contrast. For any given A and B du jour, we will likely publish something Pro-A and Anti-B. If you want to tell us about C, we will always want to listen.

Your praise and mockery, commentary and criticism, eulogizing and vitriol are all welcome here.